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Presentation1A selection of our presentations and articles

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Asset Valuation and the Test for Excessive Pricing Invited Paper ACER MARCH 2016


Economic Impacts of Electricity Price Increases in South Africa –

We examine some of the more significant issues associated with  electricity pricing in South Africa and its impact on the economy.  In undertaking this analysis we reviewed a substantial body of quantitative research carried out by others and synthesized selected parts of their analysis so as to highlight what we believe are some of the fundamental issues and implications at hand.


slEconomics – Cost of Capital for State Owned Enterprises

In facilitating a  workshop with South African Government officials we provided an overview of some of the more significant conceptual issues one faces when calculating the cost of capital for state owned enterprises.

Presentation1slEconomics – Electricity Sector Tariff Reform in Thailand

With the aim of facilitating 3rd Party Access,  this review summarizes our recommended approach to applying unbundled tariff setting mechanisms in Thailand’s’ Electricity Supply Industry.


slEconomics – Funding Public Infrastructure

We provide an overview to broad options at hand in funding public infrastructure, which is followed by our companion piece on ‘Approaches to Government Funding Airports’ below.

Presentation1Approaches to Government Funding of Airports

There are various ways in which governments choose to fund airports development. This report provides a snapshot of the ways in which funding can be facilitated and key implications associated with each approach.


Changing Approach to Economic Regulation of Utilities

This overview of regulatory trends sets out our thinking on the changing face of economic regulation and implications for regulated enterprises.

Forthcoming reports and articles

  • Training course on Public Private Partnerships
  • Use of financial metrics for stress testing tariff levels
  • China steel – a world trade model of iron ore and steel demand